Board of Directors

Anthony Jones - President

Anthony’s love of flying was sparked by the thrill of accomplishing something most people find too difficult, and now it’s become a lifelong passion. As President and Chairman at RVAC, Anthony brings a strong background in business, engineering, and flying to the club. Whether he's in the cockpit or the office, Anthony leads by example and inspires others to follow their passions. His energy and commitment to excellence make him a true asset to the team.


Lindsay Patone - Vice President 

The precision and adventure that flying provides, is what Lindsay loves most about aviation. As of 2017, he’s served as RVAC’s Treasurer and Vice President; and is passionate about continuing the Aero Club’s long standing traditions. With a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and multiple professional accreditations, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Lindsay is an aspirational fellow to have around.


Bill Mazzeo - Vice President

Bill has been a member of RVAC for over two decades and a  life member for 13 years. His passion for aviation and the club's development has only grown stronger, so much so that he was appointed as the Vice President in 2018. With his enthusiasm, drive, and willingness to work with others, Bill has been a key asset in ensuring the success and progress of the club. As a Private Pilot, he’s always been drawn to the thrill of flying, which later inspired Bill to build his very own experimental RV10 flying machine over 3 ½ years.


Gavin Gomes - Treasurer

Gavin's passion for aviation was sparked at the age of six, while sitting in the cockpit of a 747 flying at 30,000 feet. Fast forward to today, and he holds a Private Pilot License and serves as Treasurer at RVAC, where he is dedicated to providing an authentic and engaging experience. With a diverse background in Marketing, Finance, and Economics, coupled with his Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) qualifications, he brings valuable expertise to the team. Gavin cherishes the freedom that flying brings, and loves sharing the joy with others.


Adam Trumble - Director & Company Secretary

As one of RVAC’s Directors, Adam thrives on being able to work with other aviation enthusiasts. Not only does he bring a wealth of flying experience to the table as a Private Pilot and aircraft owner, he’s also got a background in communications. His love of aviation ignited in 1980, on a flight out of Boston in a C172. Adam is naturally adventurous and will confidently assure you that flying exercises the brain!


Greg Snell - Director

Greg is not only a Director of RVAC with 40 years of aviation experience, but he’s also a highly respected member of the aviation community who has previously owned his own aircraft. This alone has given him a unique perspective on the joys of flying and a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of aircraft ownership. With his passion for aviation, he takes great pride and enjoyment in being able to help the new generation of pilots achieve their flying dreams, just as his father had ignited his own passion for flying at a young age.


Kingsley McRae - Director

When Kingsley saw someone else flying, he thought to himself, “I could do that.” And that he did. Not only is he a Private Pilot, he’s now RVAC’s dedicated Director. With an MBA from Monash, BBus, and AMP from Chicago under his belt, he's been leading the change at RVAC for three years. Kingsley loves working alongside a team of skilled professionals who share his passion for aviation. Whether he's helping a student to navigate a tricky problem or strategising with members to make things better, Kingsley is thrilled to share the freedom and adventure of flying with others.


Aaron Day - Director

Aaron brings a global perspective on technology, having worked in 7 countries and IT for over 25 years.  Whilst learning to fly has been on his to-do list since age 18, life and a yacht race around the world got in the way before Aaron first took to the skies at Red Hill in the UK in 2004.  He completed his Private Pilots Licence at the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia in 2014.  Aaron thrives on learning and every flight, even one he's done many times before has the opportunity to teach him something new. With a fresh global IT perspective Aaron is helping the RVAC remain relevant to students and members for the next 100 years.

Jenny Gust - Director

Jenny’s flying interest started back in the 1970s when she went on a trial instructional flight.  But it wasn’t until 1992 that she commenced flying.   Since then, she's accumulated over 2,000 hours, holding a PPL and Instrument Rating.  She’s the proud owner of a Cessna 172RG and has done many trips and flights.  Jenny’s background is in Marketing and for many years she had a Promotional Products company.  Jenny is also an active member of Australian Women Pilots’ Association and is passionate about promoting aviation as an option for women.