Flight Deck Bar & Grill

The Flight Deck Bar & Grill is wholly owned by the Royal Victorian Aero Club is our official Club House and also a public bar and restaurant catering for the aviation community at Moorabbin Airport.  The Flight Deck also caters for the wider community of South East Melbourne and hosts a number of community functions and outings during the week.

It's an awesome place to wind down after a day flying or simply a place to hang out with friends and watch the planes take off and land.

On the weekends it's a hive of activity with families descending on the Flight Deck for a relaxing afternoon, whilst the kids play in the safety of the outdoor observation lawn checking out the aircraft and pilots coming through the airport.


Flight Deck Bar & Grill

Opening Hours

Tue-Wed 11am - kitchen closes 3pm

Thu-Fri-Sat 11am - Till late

Sun - 11am - kitchen closes 4pm 

Phone :(03) 9580 0069

Email: info@flightdeckbar.com.au

A Great Place to Eat Drink and Relax