Cessna 172SP


Cessna 172SP


Solo Hire Rate: $290.00

Dual Hire rate:  $435.00

No in Fleet: 1

Registrations: VH-LSP


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Seats: 4

Engine Type: Lycombing IO-180

Avionics: Dual Comms, VOR/ADF, Bendix King GPS

Horsepower: 180HP (Fuel Injected)

Max Take Off Weight (MTOW): 1148kg

Cruising Speed: 110 Knots (TAS)

Suitable For: Solo, Dual VFR, Dual Night, Dual IFR


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About This Aircraft

Under the hood, this Cessna 172 hosts a 180HP engine, capable of 110 knots. This particular model is fuel-injected. It makes use of a fixed pitch propeller and is a very comfortable, capable cruiser of an aircraft.

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