Cessna 152


Cessna 152


Solo Hire Rate: $239.00

Dual Hire rate:  $379.00

No in Fleet: 3

Registrations: VH-VCI, VH-VCY, VH-MJG


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Seats: 2

Engine Type: Lycombing IO-150

Avionics: Dual Comms

Horsepower: 110HP

Max Take Off Weight (MTOW): 800kg

Cruising Speed: 95 Knots (TAS)

Suitable For: Solo, Dual VFR


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About This Aircraft

The popular Cessna 152 is one of our primary training aircraft and ideal for ab-initio training. Under the hood, this aircraft hosts a 110HP engine, capable of 95 knots. It is an aeroplane that has withstood te test of time and as it is the world's most popular training aircraft.

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