Advanced Training & Endorsements

Flight Activity Endorsements - formation and spinning

There’s nothing better than flying with friends and doing it in formation tops the list. This will be one of the most rewarding endorsements you can have.

Formation flying requires a high level of skill, training, and communication among pilots. Pilots must be able to fly their aircraft within metres of each other while maintaining a constant airspeed, altitude, and distance from other aircraft in the formation.

The course can be completed in 5 flying hours, plus briefings, however, is dependent on the competency of each individual.

Should you ever find yourself in a spin or spiral dive a Spinning Endorsement may just save your life. If that’s not convincing enough, learning to intentionally (and safely) spin an aircraft and recover using the spin recovery procedure gives you a newfound confidence in your flying abilities. Our training includes learning about the aerodynamics of spins, spin entry and recovery techniques, and spin avoidance strategies.

Design Feature Endorsement

The three main Design Feature Endorsements for fixed wing aircraft are

  • Tailwheel undercarriage
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • Manual propeller pitch control

Our training program includes both theory and flight trainingincluding takeoff and landing techniques, and emergency procedures.

Aircraft Class Rating

The most common class rating takes a pilot with a Single Engine Aircraft rating to Multi Engine Aircraft. We have the Piper Seminole (PA44) and Partenavia (P.68), but can also train in other types of twin.

Night VFR Rating

To attain a Night VFR Rating you must hold a Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence, which will allow you to fly at night in good weather. You will still be flying under VMC, however it is a great endorsement and safety measure to have in case your flight is delayed for any reason after the end of daylight.

This rating generally takes a total of 7 flying and SIM hours, plus briefings. Successful completion is also dependent on each individual’s competency.

Private Instrument Rating

A Private Instrument Rating greatly increases the ability for a private pilot to fly in weather they could not fly under visual flight rules. PIFR-rated pilots can fly through cloud above the lowest safe altitude.

The basic rating is not as useful as a command instrument rating, but can be enhanced with a range of add-ons. A formal review is required every two years.

Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating

A Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) is an advanced pilot rating enabling a pilot to operate multi-engine aircraft under instrument flight conditions. This rating is necessary for pilots who wish to pursue a career in commercial aviation. It is a certification that demonstrates a pilot's proficiency in flying aircraft with multiple engines and in adverse weather conditions.

To obtain a MECIR, a pilot must already hold a Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License and have completed a certain number of flight hours as per CASA’s requirements. 

Our training for MECIR includes both ground school and flight training, which covers advanced topics such as instrument navigation, procedures, and emergency operations. Generally, the rating can be completed in 11 flying and SIM hours, however, it is also dependent on each individual’s competency.

Flight Instructor Upgrades and reviews

It’s always a privilege helping the leaders of future aviators progress in their careers. We offer a comprehensive range of training approvals and flight instructor upgrades including:

  • Taking your instructor rating from Grade 3 to Grade 2 to Grade 1 and to CFI.
  • Design Feature Training Endorsements
  • Night Visual Flight Rating Training Endorsement
  • Instrument Rating Training Endorsement
  • Aircraft Class Rating, Multi Engine Training Endorsement
  • Flight Instructor Review (FIR) - RVAC Academy provides a comprehensive periodic evaluation for existing flight instructors to ensure they’re up to date with the latest aviation regulations, procedures, and safety practices.

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