VulcanAir Partenavia


VulcanAir Partnavia


Solo Hire Rate: $569.00

Dual Hire rate:  $732.00

No in Fleet: 1 

Registrations: VH-ILM


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Multi Engine: Twin 200 HP

Avionics: Dual Comms,  2 x Garmin G275, Garmin 430 GPS, Equipped with VOR/ADF,

ADSB Transponder, Constant Speed Unit (Manual Pitch Propeller Control),

Seats: 6

Max Take Off Weight (MTOW): 1100kg

Cruising Speed: 154 Knots TAS

Autopilot: Equipped

Registration: VH-ILM

Suitable for: Solo, Dual VFR, Dual Night, Dual IFR


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About This Aircraft

The Partenavia P68C hosts two 200HP engines and is capable of 154 knots. It is suitable for Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating training and is a real workhorse. In cooperation with the Melbourne Fire Brigade, it is used for fire spotting during the summer season.





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